I want to give you all the tools you need to advance your game. Now I can give you a Video Swing Analysis just by you sending me your swing. I will analyze it and send it back to you so you can review it and make the changes that will improve your game. How easy is that?


Let's work on how you feel! Think about your food as fuel for your body. If you put junk in, your performance will be effected. Pre & Post nutrition is important but so is what you eat while you play! I will share with you how to fuel your body for optimal performance.


Let me take a look at your game by you filling out one of my performance scorecards and sending it to me. I will analyze your round and we can work on the areas that will help you improve your performance both on and off the course.

Online Swing Analysis!

Golf lessons anywhere, anytime!  Take a video of your swing, send it to me and I will analyze it and send it back to you.  With online zoom, we can get online together and work deeper with your swing!

  • Online video swing analysis for all ages and genders
  • Pre-Post game nutritional consultation
  • Scorecard consultation
  • “Live” online (long-distance zoom session)

My Mission

I have been a PGA Golf Professional for about 25 years now... Wow... What a profession! Being a PGA Golf Professional has been so much fun. There is nothing better, not even throwing fish... LOL... I love educating and empowering the professional, elite and everyday athletes to perform at their best! Bring value to the game of golf through helping golfers with their game, and with their health is a huge goal of mine! Golf is a sport, we should treat it that way!
Mulhern, PGA
My mission is to empower you with golf fundamentals, skills and nutritional education for optimal performance!
Mulhern, PGA
My marriage to Tom Mulhern has made a huge impact in my values to support and help others. Tom is a retired counselor and truly cares about individuals. He loves nutrition and has a certification in sports nutrition. We partner together to support others on their health journeys. I can't wait for you to get to know him deeper. Stay tuned into my social media for more from Tom as he shares nutritional nuggets. I love you Tom!
Tom & Lorie

Taking Your Game To The Next Level