Setting up Apple Pay (iPhone)

Go to "Settings"

Once you are in the “Settings” app, scroll down to “Wallet & Apple Pay”

Toggle on "Apple pay cash"

Once you have toggled on the “Apple Pay Cash” button, proceed to add a bank account or debit card that will be used to transfer cash.

Set up bank account or debit card

Follow instructions to set up card in following window.  Button to right will take you to online instructions if you need help!

Paying with Apple Pay

start Text to Lorie Mulhern

Open text app and start a text to Lorie Mulhern (253-377-0494).  Once a text is started, you will notice an Apple Pay icon below the text message box.

Adjust the amount to pay

Using the “+” button on the black window that appears (after you select the Apple Pay icon), you can select the amount of money to transfer according to the package you have chosen!

Select the amount

  • Online Swing analysis: $75
  • Online “Zoom” Lesson: $125
  • Online Performance Lesson: $150

Push "pay"

After you select your correct amount for the lesson package of your choice, push “pay” to complete the transaction!